1st Progress Report: Rather technical, but Giving a Good Feeling of Moving Forward

14.3 submitted its first progress report on the last days of August. It wa very much an administrative task: to collec timesheets, documents, receipts, invoices, copies of travel tickets from all 11 partners! Needless to say, spending hours on Excel sheets does not sound like a real summer vacation. But it was all done with care and precision and submitted on time. A big thanks goes to administration teams of all partners!

This project report reflected the first 6 months of 14.3 – the period during which each project task was still getting on the track implementing their activities. For this reason there were almost none substantial (or we should rather say ‘thematic’) results to be shared. However, by that time we have already had collected some good lessons and understanding of what does it mean to work together in such a diverse big group on such a multi-task topic. This experience was one of the main things that we reflected upon in our technical activities report.

Of course, we also listed all the workshops and events we organized and attended, as well as the level of political and public visibility that we have raised. Looking back at the finished report it gave us a good incentive to use all good energy in continuing the work further!