One Landmark – Half Way Through: 14.3 Invites for its Mid-Term Review Conference

14.3 is not a long project. Different from those that continue for over two years, 14.3 has to achieve its ambitious goals in a short period of 18 months. Yes, we are in a hurry. Nevertheless, if anything, 14.3 is exactly an undertaking that would not go without self-reflection. Why? Because in this project many of activities are initiated for the first time, and thus we are still testing the ground how does it work. For this reason we are organizing 14.3 Mid-Term Review Conference in Warsaw, 30 January – 1 February 2013. This event will have nothing to do with quantitative listing of how many questionnaires there have been filled in or surveys made during the first 9 months of 14.3. This conference will be an occasion to sit down and face the facts: what challenges and what great discoveries has the project met so far?

14.3 Mid – Term Review conference is set up as a working and participatory event. Its success will largely depend on the involvement of its participants.

The conference is arranged as both a tool and a platform for joint review of the state of play of 14.3 project. 14.3 itself became an occasion to bring together a cross-national and cross-thematic group of experts for working together. Organizers of the conference invite participants to take advantage of the added value that this setting can bring.

Keep yourself updated! We will transmit live from the conference on our twitter #14point3 and Facebook 14point3! Of course, other reports will follow shortly after the event.

As great thinkers have said – the real truth is that which is born out of an event of a dialogue. Best wishes for a successful discussion in Warsaw!