Looking Forward to – 14.3 Final Conference in Brussels 13-14 May

EU Committee of the Regions
Rue Belliard 99-101 – B – 1040 Brussels

Working Together on Macro-Regional Risk: Joint Approaches and Challenges

Final conference of the project 14.3 – a flagship project under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Herewith you are cordially invited to attend the final conference of the EUSBSR flagship project 14.3, a project that developed scenarios and identified gaps for all main hazards in the Baltic Sea region and is set to conclude in June 2013. The conference will bring together representatives from the BSR civil protection authorities, as well as from public and political organizations on the EU and Council of the Baltic Sea States level. It will present the incoming results of the project, against the backdrop of the overall developments and trends of macro-regional cooperation in civil protection in the BSR.

Organized back-to-back with the 4th European Civil Protection Forum

RSVP by 6 May to egle.obcarskaite@cbss.org