14.3 Goes Baltadapt: 3rd Policy Forum on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

In December last year, a friendship was established between two flagship projects of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, namely 14.3 and Baltadapt. This friendship was not just for fun: two initiatives, one of which inquires into macro-regional risk (including preparedness and response to extreme weather events) and the other which draws a macro-regional climate change adaptation strategy, discovered that some of the issues they tackle belong to the same area. How come then, two projects asked one another, are we not sharing experience nor discussing our findings?

This way an initiative was born to bring the two areas – Baltic Sea region civil protection and Baltic Sea region climate change adaptation – together. Baltadapt project invited 14.3 to participate at the 2nd Policy Forum on Climate Change Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region. 14.3 project, taking up this invitation, organized a session during the event, making it the first documented macro-regional level discussion between the two fields in the history of the Baltic Sea region. Summary and recommendations stemming out of this discussion you can find here.

Following a well acknowledged start, the dialogue is set to continue. A new session, with a more concrete orientation and an aim to contribute to the draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, will take place during the 3rd Policy Forum in Tallinn, Estonia, 30 May 2013.

Session background paper you can find here – For more information about the Forum as well as for registration please follow this link.

See you in Tallinn and will keep you posted!