Fourteen Point Three Notebooks – Nine Project Publications are Out to Present Project Results

What would you need to do if you wanted to learn more about what this mysteriously encrypted number/project did? Well, you could browse through this website, read the project summary, find out that there were different

Or, you can watch a film about the project.

But the film only will trigger your curiousity. It will show you why and how – in principle – this large group of over 40 experts from Baltic Sea region civil protection authorities worked together for 18 months. For the exact result that they created you, however, should look rather into something more explicit.

As a real material body of what this project delivered, we developed, edited together and published a set of nine books – Fourteen Point Three Notebooks. If you wish to read the results of Task C (Macroregional Risk Assessment) – get hold of Red Book One and Red Book Two. For Task D (Flooding), look into Blue Book One and Blue Book Two. Task E (Forest Fire) prepared material for GreenĀ  Book One and Green Book Two, while the last but definitely not the least Task F (Nuclear and Radiation Risk) presented us with what later became Orange Book One and Orange Book Two.

Should you, however, be interested in the overall technical set up of the project from a project management and publicity perspective, you should look into the ninth notebook – The Project Book.

Publications are put together on the basis of studies and papers, prepared by these task groups. You can find links to original studies under each Task sub-page on this website.

Find and enjoy reading the notebooks online on this webpage, or contact us for getting ahold for the real Notebooks experience in paper!