Project 14.3 presents @ CBSS Civil Protection Network Workshop

The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States is organising a CBSS Civil Protection Network Workshop in Helsinki, on 27 November. The one day workshop will address macro-regional risks related to nuclear and radiation issues, and explore the opportunities for macro-regional civil protection cooperation within the Baltic Sea region.

The theme of the workshop will be tackled from several perspectives – including a presentation of project 14.3, with a particular focus on nuclear safety risks under Task F. While project 14.3 has come to a conclusion, its results have been published in a set of thematic notebooks. Two of the nine notebooks are specifically dedicated to nuclear safety risks; Orange Book One which presents the nuclear safety risk scenarios; and Orange Book Two presenting the study report. These notebooks will be presented at the workshop and will be used as a background for the discussion on future cooperation opportunities along with a feasibility study, commissioned by the CBSS Secretariat, focusing on the enhancement and institutionalisation of macro-regional civil protection cooperation; as well as the lessons learnt from ‘Loviisa’, Finland’s most recent nuclear power plant exercise.

See you in Helsinki!