Task C- Partnerships

Task C- Partnerships



Partner: Fredrikssund-Halsnæs Fire & Rescue Service

Participant: Kim Lintrup



Parnter: Estonian Rescue Board

Participants: Kaido Tee, Jaan Tross, Kady Danilas, Jaan Elken



Partner: Ministry of the Interior, Department for Rescue Services

Participant: Taito Vainio



Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service

Participants: Marko Florek, Jürgen Krempin



Partner: State Fire and Rescue Service of the Republic of Latvia



Partner: State Fire and Rescue Service of the Republic of Lithuania

Participants: Martins Baltmanis, Ivars Nakurts, Rudolfs Azens Svetlana Krasilnikova, Giedrius Viganauskas, Neringa Brogaité- Kraveliené



Partner: Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

Participants: Tone D. Bergan, Janniche Cramer, Thomas A. Hansen, Erik Thomassen, Alexander Tymczuk



Partner: Main School for Fire and Rescue Service in Warszawa



Partner: St.Petersburg University of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia

Participants: Jerzy Wolanin, Pavel Kepka, Marcin Smolarkiewicz Michael Galishev, Dmitry Umanets



Partner: Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB)

Participants: Carl-Gustaf Erixon, Tiina Saksman Harbs, Ola Florin, Magnus Winehav


We are grateful for additional contributions from Simon Reif from the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Response (BBK), experts participating at the Riga work-shop, input from Task leaders in B, D, E and F, as well as invaluable support from the CBSS secretariat.