Task D – Objectives, Deliverables and Partnership

Task D- Objectives, Deliverables and Partnership


Task D of the EUSBSR 14.3 Project was assigned three key objectives:
1. To develop reference scenarios for floods using risk assessment information, in order to promote a more rapid response and identify gaps.
2. To promote development of innovative methods and procedures and the dissemination of experience and best practices of prevention methods. This includes e.g. a more focused attention towards comparison of flooding plans, legal aspects and land use prevention methods, ice jam prevention methods, simulation methods, reference scenarios with a kind of “check list” of typical problems.
3. Based on the above, to encourage the adoption of a common approach to flood management operations for civil protection teams and modules involved in bilateral or international operations, in the event of cross-border or large scale disasters.

Five deliverables were identified for completion during Task D:
1. Action D.1 – Kick-Off Meeting
2. Action D.2 – Task D Kick-Off Workshop and Production of a State of the Art Study on Flooding and Flood Prevention within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).
3. Action D.3 – Workshop 1 (Land use and legal aspects of flood prevention) and Workshop 2 (Methodologies for dealing with ice-jams).
4. Action D.4 – Workshop 3 (Use of Simulation Software for Flood Prevention) and Workshop 4 (Final Workshop).
5. Action D.5 – Incorporation of the results of Task D into the Final Report for the EUSBSR 14.3 Flagship Project.

The five partners involved in Task D were:
• Frederikssund-Halsnæs Fire and Rescue Service (Denmark) – Task D Leader
• Estonian Rescue Board (Estonia)
• Hamburg Fire Service Academy (Germany)
• Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service (Latvia)
• Main School of Fire Service (Poland)