Task F – Nuclear safety risk scenarios and gaps in amacro-regional context



General macro-regional risk assessment on nuclear and radiation safety

Identified major gaps in current disaster prevention and coping strategies

A set of scenarios to test prevention status

Methodological tools to deal with the scenarios

A macro-regional strategy for enhancing prevention methodologies and filling in the gaps

Task F work is grounded in their understanding that it is important for the Baltic Sea Region to have a macro-regional strategy when it comes to the issue of nuclear and radiation safety, a strategy that was never elaborated before on the scale of this whole region. Preparation of one for enhancing prevention methodologies would mean filling in the existing gaps (such as resources, education, interoperability etc.) in the first place. In order to do so, one must start with assessment and identification of that those gaps are. Therefore the Task F is aiming to prepare a general macro-regional risk assessment focusing on nuclear and radiation safety, including identification of major gaps in current disaster prevention and coping strategies. This would lead to the next step of delivering an authentic result that was never developed in the Baltic Sea Region before: the task force will prepare a set of scenarios to test the prevention status , cascading effects and to identify obvious gaps. The final goal, however, is unprecedented cross-border macro-regional strategy for enhancing prevention methodologies and filling in the gaps.

Further information about Task F:

Objectives, Partnership and Expected Deliverables

General Summary of Task Implementation Process

Evaluation of Task Management/Implementation Process


Presentation of the Technical Results and Deliverables

Evaluation of the Technical Results and Deliverables, and Follow-up

Project 14.3 presents @ CBSS Civil Protection Network Workshop

The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States is organising a CBSS Civil Protection Network Workshop in Helsinki, on 27 November. The one day workshop will address macro-regional risks related to nuclear and radiation issues, and explore the opportunities for macro-regional civil protection cooperation within the Baltic Sea region.

The theme of the workshop will be tackled from several perspectives – including a presentation of project 14.3, with a particular focus on nuclear safety risks under Task F. While project 14.3 has come to a conclusion, its results have been published in a set of thematic notebooks. Two of the nine notebooks are specifically dedicated to nuclear safety risks; Orange Book One which presents the nuclear safety risk scenarios; and Orange Book Two presenting the study report. These notebooks will be presented at the workshop and will be used as a background for the discussion on future cooperation opportunities along with a feasibility study, commissioned by the CBSS Secretariat, focusing on the enhancement and institutionalisation of macro-regional civil protection cooperation; as well as the lessons learnt from ‘Loviisa’, Finland’s most recent nuclear power plant exercise.

See you in Helsinki!